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We believe that our work is not complete till the customer is satisfied.

We take a five point approach to ensure that the products we make meets clients' quality expectations.

   We instill a sense of quality into the source. We encourage developers to keep themselves upto date with the latest development methodologies. We require employees to spend atleast 10% of the time learning and/or refining new technologies and methodologies.
   We tune out development processes to meet and exceed SEI-CMM 2 code quality.
   Every product we develop is sent through our Quality Assurance Department to ensure that problems are weeded out before release time.
   However much we strive, software development is a human activity and we cannot guarantee an error free product. We do the next best thing by including our standard maintenance program with all the products we develop. This entitles the client to fix the problem at no expense to them. For more on maintenance programs go to Services Page.
   Our development process has multiple phases to make sure that a customer is aware of the status of the project and has the flexibility to change features before the final product is released.