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ICSoft, Inc. can provide temporary employee(s) till the time you get the resources you want. While this is not the same as having your own employees, you can make sure that your projects are not stalled due to lack of resources. As part of this program, we will assign persons with the specified skill set to your project. You will receive periodic updates on documentation and code. You will have the flexibility to alter the work schedule of your virtual employee on the same schedule as code transfer.

While virtual employees may seem like consultants, there is an important difference. Consultants typically have to work at your site and therefore have to live within your area. This puts a big constraint on the pool of people you can draw from. Virtual employees can be anywhere and this provides us with more choices guaranteeing availability of individuals who meet your criteria. Virtual employees also provide exceptional value.

All virtual employees are fully trained by ICSoft, Inc. so that you will receive the level of service expected out of our commitment to quality and customer satisfacction. You will have the flexibility of transferring the work to your own resource anytime. ICSoft, Inc. and the assigned virtual employee will sign an NDA with you should you require one.

All that you will require is an Internet connection (for small projects we can do with an Email connection) and sufficiently independent pieces of work. Work of all virtual employees is covered for upto a month with our standard maintenance program. With in this time if the system does not perform according to the requirements, we will correct the system at no expense to you.

We make sure that the code we develop is well documented so that it is easily upgradable and extendable.

We have people exeprienced in Web development, Business application development, Database development and Application development/maintenance for Legacy systems. In the Technology page, you can find a comprehensive list of technologies we deal in.

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