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ICSoft, Inc. can provide tools that can automate your repetetive tasks and make you more productive. Typically, tools have a short development period and are not accepted by Software development firms. Entrusting temporary employees and consultants to develop tools makes it harder to maintain the development after they leave. Without having sufficient resources to develop these tools, your employees may not be as productive as you can be.

Fortunately, we can help. We can develop tools tailored to your custom specifications and have them delivered to you on schedule. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction and you wil find these reflected in the tools you receive. In addition, these products will be eligible for our standard maintenance program for a period of one month. In this time, if the tool does not work according to your specifications, it will be corrected at no expense to you.

You can also take advantage of our extended maintenance program through which you can get significant cost savings on upgrades/extensions to your tools developed by us.

We make sure that the code we develop is well documented so that it is easily upgradable and extendable.

We do tool development in Web, Business applications, Databases and maintenance for Legacy systems. In the Technology page, you can find a comprehensive list of technologies we deal in.

If you are interested in learning more or want to tell us about a tool, contact us now.