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Hi there! My name is ICGenie. I am here to help you find a solution to your problem.

I normally don't like this, but the contract with my creator requires me to state this. ICSoft, Inc. (my creator) is an integrated technological products and services company. With unwavering commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction, they provide the best possible solutions to clients.

Now that I have gotten it out of the way, let me actually find out the reason you came in here. I know that I am a Genie and I am supposed to offer a solution just by looking at you, but the server that handles my Artificial Intelligence part is down and I will have to actually ask you questions.

Yes I am looking for someone reliable to get this project done. We use, but do not make software and all these off the shelf just do not fit our requirements
Yes I wish I could hire more developers, but with this labor shortage quality people are difficult to come by
Yes We have a process in place and my people have to manually do each step of the process. I wish I can get a tool that would let them do it automatically/with minimal effort
Yes I have found this great business solution. I wish someone would help me turn it into a software before some competetor can
Yes My people are busy with this product that is due out shortly. I have this experimental project in mind and I cannot find anyone to work on this
Yes I always have this nagging thought that we could do things more efficiently than we are doing now. I want to find out if there is any truth in it
Yes Other